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how to rent the right camper at a good price ,7 tips


Most of the times when we want to rent a camper  we go to google ,put on the search engine the words” rent a camper” or “motorhome on hire “,or camper rental and follow the list ,BUT here are some counsels you may use

1. first motorhomes rental adds  that appears on the list are the ones that pay most on publicity ,that doesnt mean that they are the cheaper or have the best service

2. take time and do it on time ,if you want to rent in Spain for example go to than lets say google .de ) ,and put on search “alquiler autocaravanas or autocaravanas de alquiler ,all the companies have better offers if you reserve many months ahead and you can see more SPANISH RENTAL COMPANIES the hotels ,there 3 4 or 5 stars hotels , you can find motorhomes of the best quality at high prices or others tha have older vehicles at better prices ,if a vehicles is older IT doesnt mean that it offer a bad service.

4.Not all is in the daily fee ,there are rental companies that charge you for everything ,for bike rack to parking your car in theis places while you are traveling ,extra fee for added km ecetera

5.take you mathematic knowledge and put it into use…. if you are two persons in germany and want to travel in Spain and visit catalunya barcelona costa brava the pirenees ecetera ,its cheaper and faster  to take a low cost airplane flight to …barcelona( for a sample from berlin going and coming back it will cost to you maybe 200 euros 100 eu each…  ,by car it will cost you much much more)and then rent a motorhome here  IN SPAIN  (we have a 60 eu x day offer in low season …)you will have saved about 400 eu and many hours of traveling …

6.where do you want to go ? maybe you dont need a very big camper with a small one that use less petrol and parks better and its faster it will be ok for you

7.get information  BEFORE TRAVELING  like hotels if you like to go camping there are all kinds of camping spots ,from free ones to up to 70 eu x 2 persons high class camping

happy rental ,have a nice trip

autocampers  street camprodon 39 llagostera spain  tel 0034630022339

street camprodon 39 llagostera spain
tel 0034630022339



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